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shsm sport emphasis

This three-hour course will focus on various movement principles and modified games that relate to sport.  The combination and variation of games played will allow those students in the Sport emphasis SHSM to engage, inspire and teach others. 


The course can be modified with more of an emphasis on one particular section to suit the needs of the school or club.  This course can be used for teams, clubs, camps and organizations for team building, and to grow the selection of games used in camp, warm-up or training sessions.

The game portion of the course will be divided into the following four categories: 

1.  Introductory Low Organization Games (React, Ready, Run)

2.  Fitness Low Organization Games (Fast, Frantic, Fun)

3.  Competitive Team Low Organization Games (Tactics, Teamwork, Triumph)

4.  Leadership/Co-operative Low Organization Games (Challenge, Cohesion, Communication)

Hour 1: Low Organization Games

Games of low organization will be introduced, modified, discussed and analyzed in an effort to uncover the reasons for a game’s success and highlight areas of concern and potential growth.

These games can be changed very easily based on skill, facility, number of participants, and age of the participants.  

Hour 2: Reaction Ball, Tennis Ball and Modified Court Games 

It is time to challenge yourself and your friends with games that require quick decision making skills that test your athleticism.  Each game will have modifications to increase or decrease the skill requirement needed.

Hour 3: Introduction to SpikeBall (Roundnet)

A fantastic new game, similar to volleyball that can be played anywhere.  Learn all the lead up games, and Spike Ball variations that will allow your students greater success. Some strategic plays and game options will allow your students to choose what style fits there athletic profile.