p2p blended course

The Playground to Podium Blended course is truly a course where you can make all of the decisions.  Combine any three of the following 9 seminars to make your day unique and representative of what you truly desire.

Train for both speed and strength using Strength Bands.  This workout can be done anywhere.  Hundreds of combinations using various strengths of bands can be utilized during P.H.E classes as well as team training. 

Strength Bands (Most Popular)

Exercise after exercise will be utilized during this session.  Battle rope variations will include exercises for every body part.  The Battle Bar will also be used to provide a great training experience.

Battling Ropes

Reaction Balls, Monkey Grids, Sparq Agility Hurdles and Skipping Ropes will be used to provide training options to enhance speed, agility and quickness. Students will experience the train fast, be fast approach during this session.

(Very Applicable to Sports Performance)

Speed, Agility and Quickness

The medicine ball is the ageless piece of equipment that has so many possibilities.  This hour will be spent working on a fitness program that provides great exercises for power, speed, strength and endurance.  Students will be working on a program called Medicine Ball meets North Carolina.  North Carolina basketball players complete this self-directed program prior to practice.

Medicine Ball

A combination of surgical tubing and body weight exercises. This option needs to be placed as the last session, as it is very challenging.  Using a tabata training system, students will experience lots of variations to the basic primal movement skills (push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge and carry). 

Surgical Tubing and Body Weight

A proper assessment will be performed to give each student feedback on what exercises should not be prescribed due to a previous injury or issues related to poor mobility or stability.  The assessment completed can be used throughout the course or season to monitor individual capacity to meet the demands of the workouts prescribed.

Assessment and Techniques to Enhance Mobility and Stability

Games of low organization will be introduced, modified, discussed and analyzed in an effort to uncover the reasons for a game’s success and highlight areas of concern and potential growth.

These games can be changed very easily based on skill, facility, number of participants, and age of the participants.  

Low Organization Games

It is time to challenge yourself and your friends with games that require quick decision making skills that test your athleticism.  Each game will have modifications to increase or decrease the skill requirement needed.

Reaction Ball, Tennis Ball and Modified Court Games 

A fantastic new game, similar to volleyball that can be played anywhere.  Learn all the lead up games, and Spike Ball variations that will allow your students greater success. Some strategic plays and game options will allow your students to choose what style fits there athletic profile.

Introduction to SpikeBall (Roundnet)


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