Are you energetic, creative and can adapt easily to various teaching and coaching situations?  Do you want to offer strategies and proven Best Practices to teachers, coaches and leaders to promote Healthy Active Living?  Do people tend to follow your lead?  If so, WE WANT YOU to promote our Playground to Podium curriculum throughout Canada.


  • Promote and Teach all of our Programs.  We can’t reach all the school boards and clubs without you

  • Be active and engaged in our promotion of skills to further the development of physical literacy

  • The ultimate goal is to Share the many resources we have accumulated, with  educators, coaches and leaders of organizations

  • We will meet once per year to cover new resources and strategies to best deliver the material.  We will share the best ways to get our resources to the most amount of people


Introductory Low Organization Games


Fitness Low Organization Games


Competitive Team Low Organization Games


Leadership/Co-operative Low Organization Games


  • $ make a few dollars promoting games and activities you love to do yourself

  • Playground to Podium Swag

  • Access to all of the Playground to Podium Resources.  Become a Playground to Podium Ambassador in your area, and then think BIGGER!! 

  • Each course will be totally different.  The size of the group, the type of student or athlete involved in the course and the setting will bring out your creativity, and will challenge you each and every time.

  • P2P Ambassador
    Coming Jan/Feb 2018 Date TBA
    Location Decided After Registration
    Coming Jan/Feb 2018 Date TBA
    Location Decided After Registration