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Playground to Podium was created for the teacher, the coach, or the leader who wanted options and resources to challenge the wide spectrum of abilities they faced in classes, with teams, and within their own family or staff.


Each Playground to podium course is active.  All of the equipment is provided, so all you need are some willing participants, and an adequate space. Each Playground to Podium course is unique, and can be tailored to best suit the age and ability of the participants.  The courses will build on individual success, but challenge and engage participants to want more.


Be sure to read the individual course outlines and choose the Playground to Podium course that best suits your needs.  All of the SHSM specific courses can also be adapted to a school that wants their HAL or PAF students to explore the various seminars within the course.


Rob Pacas

Recently retired from the TDSB where he spent the last 20+ years training athletes in the BEAP program at Birchmount Park CI. Rob taught AQ courses through the University of Toronto and now at York University. He's a repeat presenter on numerous fitness topics for OFSSA, OPHEA, and various Boards of Education. More info can be found at


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